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What is Office 365? 

Microsoft Office 365 is a new subscription cloud-based service offering "virtually anywhere" access to familiar Office tools, plus enterprise-grade email, conferencing, and more IT services.
DMACC is currently in the piloting phase of Office 365 service with two of the major Office 365 products, Microsoft Lync Online, and Microsoft Exchange Online.
NOTE:A list of Office 365 known issues can be found here and should be reviewed for your own reference.

at dmacc


DMACC-owned computers assigned to faculty, staff or students

Outlook Web Access users:

  • You will be automatically connected to your mailbox at its new location when clicking on the "Webmail" link at the top of the DMACC homepage or by browsing to with Internet Explorer web browser.
Windows users:
  • Now that your account has been transitioned to Office 365, you should open Outlook directly using the Start Menu. You will be automatically connected to your mailbox at its new location. You will be prompted for your login, use your email address as the username, and please check the option to remember your password.
  • If you use a DMACC-owned laptop, but haven't brought it to campus recently, follow the instructions for Windows users in the at home section to the right.
  • STAFF/FACULTY NOTE - After your mailbox migration has completed you will be prompted to re-launch Outlook.  If you receive an error upon restarting Outlook, please execute the file located at I:\OutlookProfileDelete\Remove.bat and then open Outlook again. This will cleanup the mail profile stored on your workstation that is configured to only connect to DMACC on-premise email servers. Please contact Tech Support if you encounter issues after that.


Mac users:
  • You'll need to update your mail client to reconnect to your mailbox on Office 365. Use these instructions:


 at home

Personally-owned computers belonging to faculty, staff or students 

Outlook Web Access users:
  • Follow these instructions to access your Office 365 mailbox through DMACC's OWA login page.

Windows users:

Mac users:
  • You'll need to update your mail client to reconnect to your mailbox on Office 365. Use these instructions:
Office 365 Portal:


mobile devices

Smart phones, tablets and other devices used by faculty, staff or students 

After the transition
Mobile devices will need to be reconfigured to connect to Office 365.

iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch users:
Android phone or tablet users:
Other devices:
The following settings will connect ActiveSync-compatible devices to Office 365:
  • User: Your e-mail address
  • Password: Your e-mail password
  • Use SSL: Yes
  • Server address:


Will my email address change?
No, you will keep your existing email address. However, you used to log in to webmail using the part of your email address before the @ sign as the username. To log in to the new system, you will have to use your complete email address for the username.

What will be moved to Office 365?

Email, calendar, contacts and tasks are moved.

I check my mail using my iPhone/iPad. Will that work with the new system?
Yes, but you have to enter new server information for the device to find your mailbox in its new location. Please use these instructions for iOS devices.
What won't be moved to my new Office 365 account?
What are the limits of the new system? Can we change them?
Below are the new limits under Office 365. These are set by Microsoft and we cannot change any of them.
  • Quota: 50 gigabytes
  • Maximum number of recipients per message: 500
  • Maximum size of attachment sent/receive: 25 megabytes
  • Maximum number of recipients per day: 10,000
  • Once upgraded to Office 365 you will only see Free/Busy information of DMACC on premise Exchange calendars unless the individual owner of the calendar explicitly increases their calendar sharing permission level. This is temporary until all calendars are upgraded to Office 365.
  • Items which have been purged from your deleted items or trash folder.
  • Junk emails - ensure that you check your junk email folder for any wanted emails prior to your move to Office 365.
Is Office 365 Secure?

Office 365 is a security-hardened service, developed using Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle At the service level, Office 365 uses the defense-in-depth approach to provide physical, logical, and data layers of security features and operational best practices. In addition, Office 365 gives you enterprise-grade, user and admin controls to further secure your environment.  Visit the Office 365 Trust Center for more information.
Since the migration, I have found addresses that do not work (undeliverable email). I have noticed that if I use the recipient's name from the "To" line (autocomplete), I will get that error, but if I search for the name in the email directory and use that, then it is fine.

Items stored in the cache of your copy of Microsoft Outlook may not work correctly with the new server. To correct this, open Outlook and do the following:

  • Go to File > Options
  • Select Mail
  • Scroll down and click “Empty Auto-Complete list”
This will remove all the “remembered” e-mail addresses that now have an invalid path.